Website Design

Turn your visualizations into customers, capture the attention of your buyer person (target audience). Through optimization strategies in UX, UI and SEO, your page will be positioned in the first places in Google search. We use responsive design so that your website can be viewed from any device.

A methodology for growing your business using technology

Increase the percentage of your ROI (return of investment), forget about high costs in CPA (cost per action), position your brand at the top of the searches offering exceptional experiences when people visit your website. You will guide your buyer personas and answer their questions even before they decide to purchase from you

Value Added

“Prepare your house before your visitors arrive” What are your customers looking for? We will analyze your buyer persona so that we can offer them the content they need to guide them through the buyer journey,


Make your website work like a professional sales team, through UI and UX strategies your website can transform your visits into customers, offering them a professional service from the moment they enter your Page.


Search Engine Optimization will allow you to master search engines, generating a higher percentage of organic traffic, managing to attract your buyer persona directly to your product or service.


Analyze the competitive environment.

We will analyze you and your main competition in the most relevant points in an inbound strategy to know the areas that you need to improve.

Strategy Plan

According to your Buyer Persona analysis

The new strategies to be implemented are defined, such as the structure of the site, the keywords that will help the organic positioning.

Web Development

Website design and UX will diminish the bounce rate

Optimizing the page in order to make it user-friendly and promoting the most visible value content on the site through CTA’s and more.

SEO optimization

Implementation of advanced SEO techniques for search positioning.

Strategies are executed for better positioning in order for your content to appear on the first page of Google, we start from a keyword research to understand the search phrases of your customers and generate the right content in addition to a clean and optimized code.

We used to invest in digital and traditional media but we didn’t know exactly what each one generated, now we have metrics of digital investments that help us to improve, this allows us to decide the path we can take to get the best result. We generate the same ad spending in our media plan but getting better results, thanks to Impactum we have very good performance of our investments.

Lina Carbajal

Marketing Director, Cuauhtémoc University


Increased organic traffic


Decrease in CPA


College growth

Website Diagnostics

Access a free diagnostics on your website, answer a short survey, and we’ll send you a diagnosis with the most important strategies to consider to increase conversions and improve your brand’s positioning.